Dr. Almut Gathmann

  • Attorney
  • Specialist for Employment Law
  • Notary

Almut Gathmann works in the area of individual employment law and collective bargaining. She has experience especially in structuring employment contracts and compensation models which fit the needs of the clients as well as employee guidelines. She also applies her many years of experience in transitioning businesses and restructurings. She uses this experience to support clients in transfers of operations and restructurings. She is also a specialist in models for working hours and claims for part-time work. Furthermore, she is a competent contact partner for issues involving data protection for employees.

She also works in the real estate practice area and provides advice on all aspects of structuring contracts. She has a special focus on real estate purchase agreements for properties intended for development. Almut Gathmann also has special expertise in the law governing inheritable building rights (Erbbaurechte).

Practice areas:
Employment Law
Data Protection Law
Real Estate Law

Dr. Almut Gathmann
Attorney, Specialist for Employment Law, Notary

German, English, Spanish

Rüttenscheider Straße 26
45128 Essen

T +49 201 72002 61
F +49 201 72002 41

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