Dr. Till Wegmann

  • Attorney
  • Specialist for Employment Law
  • Notary

Till Wegmann provides services to companies in all aspects of employment law with a special focus on restructuring, corporate transactions and outsourcing and integration projects and co-determination in this context.

A large part of his work lies in developing strategic concepts and conducting negotiations with works councils and unions with regard to shop agreements, balancing interests, social plans and collective bargaining agreements. He has a broad range of experience in implementing measures and conducting proceedings before mediation offices and disputes in the field of employment law.

A further main area of his practice involves advising members of boards of directors, managing directors and supervisory board members when concluding, extending and terminating service agreements, including matters involving directors' and officers' liability.

Practice areas:
Employment Law
Corporate Law
Commercial Law and Contracts
Conflict Resolution, Litigation and Arbitration

Dr. Till Wegmann
Attorney, Specialist for Employment Law, Notary

German, English

Rüttenscheider Straße 26
45128 Essen

T +49 201 72002 55
F +49 201 72002 45

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