Dr. Torben Götz

  • Attorney
  • Specialist for Medical Law

Torben Götz's practice involves the entire field of medical law and healthcare with a special focus on the law governing hospitals, contract law for doctors and dentists as well as public contracting, especially to the extent parties from the healthcare industry are involved.

He also has many years of expertise in the law governing tobacco products and handling doctors' evaluations in the internet. He also has great experience representing clients in disputes.

He is a contributor in these areas of the law and regularly publishes articles in professional magazines. He is also a co-author in commentaries on medical law.

Practice areas:
Medical Law and Health Care
Public Commercial Law and Public Contracting
Conflict Resolution, Litigation and Arbitration


Dr. Torben Götz
Attorney, Specialist for Medical Law

German, English, Spanish

Rüttenscheider Straße 26
45128 Essen

T +49 201 72002 626
F +49 201 72002 409

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