Our focus is not on pursuing a career at a legal mill. We are instead colleagues at a mid-market law firm.

However, to make things clear: We are adherents of the merit principle. But, in order for our work to be top rate today, we need to create the foundation for working together harmoniously first. This is the case at our firm. We view this as our strength in addition to our professional competence.

Our clients likewise can sense that “we” is an entirely positive concept at our firm: Turnover is practically non-existant at our firm. This applies to associates as well – they are not simply swapped out on a regular basis. Each individual is important to us.

Why? Because we believe that as lawyers we can also make a positive contribution to the economy if we let individual needs based on our place in society guide our practice in additions to simply relying on economic performance indicators.

Personality is not reflected in hourly billing rates but rather in dealing with our clients based on mutual trust and respect.

Character breeds trust. And clients only trust individuals with character.

We are seeking/we are offering: