What do clients expect of their lawyers? Exceptional expertise, in-depth knowledge, creative thinking, imaginative planning and zealous advocacy in litigation. We know that. And our challenge is meeting this expectation every day. This is the basis of the trust placed in us by the business owners and businesses as well as the freelance professionals we advise – many of whom have relied on us for decades.

Our task in all of these areas is the same: design ideal structures for businesses, families and wealth. And then, expand what we have created and consistently defend it. We view ourselves as a classic “full-service law firm” and provide our services in all fields of commercial law and medical law.

Well-known companies view us as their external legal department – for decades in some cases. This has enabled SOH to develop exceptional expertise in all questions related to companies and their owners (and their families) as well as comprehensive know-how providing support for a wide variety of business activities including succession issues (one area of focus: foundation structures).

In this context, the task is to include tax considerations in our proposed solutions in the same manner as strategies for the effective use of co-determination and works constitution structuring opportunities.