Employment, Works Constitution
and Co-Determination

Employment law represents one of the core competences of our partnership. Employers trust our advice in the field of employment law.

In particular, employers value our expertise in the field of collective bargaining, namely the law of works constitutions. Whether difficult negotiations with works council members or labor representatives, drafting works council agreements or lay-off related social plans or implementing restructuring efforts – our lawyers work with our business clients from start to finish along the way to finding a custom tailored solution to fit their needs.

When dealing with individual employees, employers can benefit from our extensive experience, both when preparing legally-sound employment agreements, employment agreements for company executives, bonus plans and employee profit-sharing plans as well as handling employment-related litigation.

For this reason, companies list the quality and personal nature of our advice in the field of employment law when asked why they consult our advisors – in come cases even using them over the long-term as a form of external legal department.