Insolvency Law

Our attorneys advise creditors in all aspects of insolvency law during all phases of insolvency proceedings, starting with the first signs of illiquidity. We also support our clients on international matters and provide advice in connection with international insolvency proceedings as well as advising foreign creditors involved in German insolvency proceedings.

We support creditors during insolvency plan proceedings and debtor-in-possession proceedings, for example insolvency protection proceedings.

We advise our clients on concluding contracts at all stages of insolvency proceedings with the objective of ensuring reliability in contractual performance and enforcement. We conduct negotiations with insolvency administrators skillfully and assertively.

We reach agreements with the insolvency administrator and secured creditors to ensure that payments made fully discharge relevant liabilities. In addition, we aid in avoiding defaults on receivables, for example by asserting rights of set-off in the context of insolvency.

Our attorneys aid our clients in enforcing their contractual rights, protecting their property and preserving security interests and other rights in dealings with the insolvency administrator or other business debtors.

We defend actions to contest a transaction brought by the insolvency administrator or trustee. We likewise assist in the defense of liability claims asserted against our clients by an insolvency administrator, e.g. claims against company executives.

Even in cases where insolvency on the part of a contractual partner is not imminent, we include precautionary provisions when drafting contracts with the goal of ensuring that our clients are also able to enforce their rights under the contract in the event of an insolvency.