We provide comprehensive advice and representation to our clients when purchasing IT solutions and when selling their IT products.

Our attorneys prepare Standard Business Terms tailored to take the special needs of a business into account or draft customized contracts for IT projects. These include, for example, contracts for the licensing and potential modification of standard software or the creation of custom software, plus maintenance and support in both cases. Even in the case of “modern” IT solutions, such as cloud services in any flavor, agile software development projects or outsourcing engagements, we provide comprehensive advice and representation when creating the right contractual basis. Our clients may also rely on our expertise when procuring telecommunications services needed for their company network. Of course, we represent the interests of our clients in a wide range of fields when conducting negotiations with their contractual partners. We always have an eye on drafting issues for required licensing agreements and related legal issues, in particular when creating affiliated groups and setting up outsourcing projects.

Finally, by employing non-disclosure agreements and data protection agreements (in particular in cases of contract data processing) we ensure that trade and business secrets are effectively protected and that provisions of applicable data protection laws are complied with – including in the context of cloud computing and the use of hosting services.