Real Estate

Real estate is one of our classic areas of practice. We have a wealth of expertise in this area gained from years of providing comprehensive advice to our clients.

We provide advice related to all phases of property ownership, whether this involves acquisition or construction, financing, sale, inheritance or ongoing questions about exploitation and use.

Our attorneys not only have the necessary expertise in the field of civil law, but they are also able to provide comprehensive advice on all relevant public law matters. In many cases, our real estate lawyers also work with our corporate and tax lawyers in order to develop an ideal solution.

We provide solutions for owners, builders and property developers regarding all questions related to a property: starting with creating the right structure for a real estate project, through issues involving land use planning and permits, drafting contracts with planners and contractors and finally drafting contractors with lessees and tenants of the property. Of course, clients who use a property for commercial purposes approach us as well, especially for leasing, rental and broker-related questions.