Schmidt, von der Osten, Huber - Rechtsanwälte

We are a legal services firm and are recognized as a top address in the market. We offer exceptional expertise, in-depth knowledge, creative collaboration, imaginative planning and zealous advocacy in litigation. You may learn more about us on the following pages.

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Attorneys, Tax Advisors, Notaries

SOH is a legal services firm with a total of 80 highly-committed individuals including 30 attorneys, some of whom are also notaries, tax advisors or certified specialists in various fields of law. The high quality of our clients is likewise another contributing factor to our reputation as a top address in the legal market. However, we also set high standards for ourselves.


Our firm was founded in Essen more than 70 years ago. Our guiding principle is constant growth without losing our identity. For this reason, we have deliberately not merged with any other law firms. We practice on the domestic and international levels, providing advice and representation to companies of all sizes as well as business owners and freelance professionals. One particular area of focus includes providing comprehensive advice to family-owned businesses. We have many long-term clients, some of which have even been with us for decades. This long-term relationship evinces a relationship built on mutual trust. This is also expressed through the membership of our partners on supervisory boards, advisory boards and foundation bodies at a number of our clients.


For us, partnership means mutual consideration and fairness in our dealings with each other. We apply this principle not only internally at SOH, but in how we treat our clients as well. That is likely why we have nearly no turnover in attorneys and clients. Partnership as we put into practice is not merely a “soft skill,” but rather enhances the effectiveness of our team. This is why we view a harmonious partnership – in association with the respective expertise of each individual – as our greatest strength. Our clients say that they can feel this atmosphere when they visit our offices.

Our Offices in Essen

We work on behalf of our clients throughout Germany and beyond. And we feel at home in Essen, precisely because this metropolis at the Ruhr is not a fashionable trendsetter. The reality of work is visible everywhere here. And this fact has shaped our culture.