We are not driven by career ambition in a law factory. Instead, we are fellow human beings in a large mid-size law firm. We want to work together in harmony both with regard to interdisciplinary work in the law firm as well as also working together with our clients. This value expresses itself in very low fluctuation among both our attorneys and our clients.

In addition to handling exciting matters, the extraordinary working environment and the possibility for individual personal development are certainly factors which lead to a high degree of satisfaction among our clients. This is also apparent from the poll in the professional magazine azur in which SOH has already been mentioned the second time as one of the top employers for lawyers in Germany (azur100, 2022).

Don’t get us wrong: We believe in the principle of performance; we accordingly demand a great deal from our employees and also support them. The personality of each employee is important for us. We believe that as business lawyers we are well advised to base our activity not only on commercial data but instead above all have a focus on each the individual in our organization.

The individual is not just represented by an hourly rate and instead works as a partner for the client. A good person gains trust.

Do you also believe this?

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