What can clients expect from their lawyers at SOH?

Firstly, an exceptionally high level of professional qualification. Without exception, all our lawyers hold a doctorate degree. Secondly, we are broadly based in terms of practice areas we cover. This enables us to meet our clients’ demands for competent knowledge, profound experience, creative thinking, conceptual imagination and assertive litigation on a daily basis. Interdisciplinary work is part of our culture. You benefit from the diversity of our expertise as well as from our efficient and effective solutions.


Our mission and our strength is to provide comprehensive advice to our clients. This allows us to offer our clients full service at the highest level. This applies to advice on day-to-day business as well as support for complex projects and transactions. We are passionate about creating optimal structures for businesses, families, and wealth, and then further developing and protecting what has been created. Decades of advising our clients – for some as an external legal department – have given us special expertise in all matters relating to businesses and entrepreneurs (and their families), as well as extensive know-how in supporting entrepreneurial activities (including succession planning). As part of our comprehensive advisory approach, we keep an eye on all aspects from the implementation of tax considerations to the use of potential under co-determination and works constitution law.