IT Law

Our experts provide comprehensive services to our clients when procuring IT solutions as well as when distributing their own IT products. Our experts draft General Terms and Conditions which are adapted to the needs of the company as well as customized contracts for IT projects.

Contracts about providing and, if appropriate, adapting standard software, producing individual software, including servicing and maintenance, are part of our daily business.

We also advise and represent our clients comprehensively when developing and negotiating the contractual foundations for e.g.

  • cloud services in every form,
  • agile software development projects,
  • outsourcing projects, and
  • procurement of the telecommunications services needed for corporate networks.

We, of course, make sure by means of non-disclosure agreements and data protection agreements (especially involving contract data processing) that operational and business secrets are effectively protected and that the requirements of data protection law are complied with, including in the cloud or when using hosting service providers.