Medical Law and Health Care

We have been advising the healthcare sector since our firm was established. We advise doctors, hospitals, rehabilitation clinics, pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, wholesalers, providers of medical and therapeutic aids, pharmacists, management companies and health insurers locally, nationally and internationally on all matters relating to the healthcare industry. Investors, banks, insurers and management consultants are happy to consult our lawyers on projects and proceedings that require special expertise in medical law.

Our experts advise, assist or litigate in the following areas:

  • Structuring of professional practice associations and other cooperations such as joint practices, equipment associations or practice networks,
  • Establishing and reorganizing healthcare centers,
  • Acquisition or transfer of practices,
  • Licensing and authorization procedures,
  • Hospital restructuring, cooperation, mergers and acquisitions as well as issues relating to hospital planning,
  • Legal issues relating to the pricing and distribution of pharmaceuticals and medical devices, including distribution compliance,
  • Design and implementation of alternative or new forms of care, such as integrated care, specialist care or individual statutory health insurance benefits,
  • Feasibility/efficiency studies and recourse/retaxation,
  • Medical malpractice litigation,
  • Liability issues related to pharmaceuticals and medical devices, including market surveillance and recalls,
  • Criminal investigation proceedings,
  • Fee disputes with statutory health insurance physician associations (Kassenärztliche Vereinigungen), and
  • Hospital compensation issues, budget negotiations and audits by the Medical Service for Health Insurance Organisations (Medizinischer Dienst der Krankenkassen).

Whenever our advice involves contact with other areas of law, our medical lawyers work together with colleagues from other practice areas on an interdisciplinary basis. This includes in particular,

  • the drafting of employment contracts for private practitioners, issues relating to the termination of employment contracts, including representation in any wrongful dismissal proceedings, advice on the drafting of employment contracts for chief physicians, individual and collective employment law in the medical and non-medical area of hospitals,
  • the implementation of extensive transactions or structuring measures under company and reorganization law,
  • drafting practice lease agreements and medical centre structures,
  • advice and representation in procurement procedures (e.g., in the tendering of selective contracts), and
  • data protection and intellectual property issues.

Our expertise is also reflected in our publications and teaching. We are sought after as speakers by our clients and by organisers of professional and specialist conferences. We are recommended in this area of law by JUVE and are regularly listed in FOCUS magazine as one of the leading commercial law firms for health and pharmaceuticals.

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