Insolvency Law

Our experts advise creditors on all aspects of insolvency law at all stages of insolvency proceedings, starting from the pre-insolvency crisis.

We also assist our clients in international matters and support them in foreign insolvency proceedings, as well as representing foreign creditors in German insolvency proceedings.

At all stages of the insolvency process, we assist our clients in concluding contracts and ensuring reliability in the execution and performance of contracts. Even without the threat of insolvency of a contractual partner, we make provisions in contracts for the possible event of insolvency, with the goal of enabling our clients to enforce their contractual rights even under insolvency conditions.

We conduct contract negotiations with insolvency practitioners competently and assertively. We advise our clients on the enforcement of their contractual rights and the protection of their property, security and other rights against insolvency practitioners and debtor companies.

We also advise creditors in insolvency plan proceedings and in self-administration proceedings, e.g. in so-called protective shield proceedings. We support our clients in this regard with inter alia the following services:

  • We liaise with insolvency practitioners and any security creditors to secure debt discharging payments.
  • We help to avoid the loss of claims, e.g., by securing set-off rights in insolvency.
  • We defend against avoidance claims by insolvency practitioners or trustees.
  • We defend against liability claims brought by insolvency practitioners against our clients, e.g., managing directors.
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Dr. Philip Koch LL.M.
Dr. Philip Koch LL.M.
Dr. Marina Adams

Dr. Marina Adams
Dr. Marina Adams
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