Insolvency Law

Our experts advise creditors on all aspects of insolvency law in all phases of insolvency proceedings, beginning with crises that might lead to insolvency.

We help our clients and support them also in international situations and foreign insolvency proceedings, just as we represent foreign creditors in German insolvency proceedings.

During all phases of the insolvency process, we provide support to our clients in concluding contracts and establish reliability for the performance and completion of contracts. Even if there is no threatening insolvency at a contract partner, we take precautions in contracts for a potential insolvency situation with the goal of enabling our clients to enforce their contractual rights even under conditions related to insolvency.

We conduct contract negotiations with insolvency administrators in a competent and firm manner. We support our clients when enforcing their contractual rights, preserving their property, their security interests and other rights in the relationship with insolvency administrators and debtor companies.

We also provide support to creditors in insolvency plan proceedings and in debtor-in-possession proceedings, for example, in so-called umbrella proceedings.

  • We coordinate with insolvency administrators and any secured creditors to secure payments which fulfill obligations.
  • We provide support in avoiding a loss of receivables, e.g. by exercising possibilities for set-off in insolvency.
  • We defend against attempts by insolvency administrators or receivers to set aside transactions.
  • We defend against claims based on liability asserted by insolvency administrators against our clients, for example, managing directors.
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Dr. Philip Koch LL.M.
Dr. Philip Koch LL.M.
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