Antitrust Law

Issues involving antitrust law arise in many contexts. Companies are therefore dependent on reliable antitrust expertise such as provided by SOH, for example, when

  • acquiring or selling other companies (Mergers & Acquisitions),
  • structuring contracts, and
  • examining violations against the prohibition of restrictive business practices (prohibition on cartels).

Our services also include notifying the antitrust authorities of proposed mergers and representing our clients in antitrust proceedings before antitrust authorities and courts.

We also support you in asserting or defending claims for damages in connection with anticompetitive practices and in developing and structuring an antitrust compliance management system for your company.

Your contact partners for Antitrust Law
Dr. Notker Lützenrath LL.M.
Dr. Notker Lützenrath LL.M.
Dr. Maximilian Guntermann
Dr. Maximilian Guntermann
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