SOH has the tradition that some of our attorneys also work as notaries. They are available with their full expertise and experience for our clients, especially in matters involving corporate law, real estate and inheritance as well as in the area of business succession and wealth succession.

Our notaries provide services and conduct notarizations to companies and their shareholders, including for

  • establishing new companies,
  • restructurings / transforming corporate form,
  • purchasing businesses (asset deals or share deals),
  • real estate transactions,
  • general shareholders' meetings in stock corporations,
  • shareholders' meetings, and
  • business succession.

Our notaries especially act as notaries for our private clients in the following areas:

  • contracts for the purchase and gifting of real estate,
  • development projects,
  • transfers / gifts,
  • private care,
  • wealth succession,
  • foundations,
  • marital agreements,
  • inheritance (inheritance contracts / last wills and testaments).