Foundations and Business Succession

Our attorneys provide services in all aspects of the law governing foundations and support entrepreneurs and companies when comprehensively structuring succession, especially by using asset management family (holding) companies or concepts for foundations (e.g. family foundations linked to the business or charitable foundations or both types together in so-called double foundation models). We are active both in establishing foundations as well as providing ongoing advice for private, charitable, independent or non-independent foundations.

Our experts provide comprehensive services in the area of foundation law with regard to

  • supervision under the law of the individual German states,
  • general civil law and corporate law, as well as
  • charitable organizations.

We especially work closely together with the clients' and founders' tax advisors when establishing foundations and in the area of business succession, but we also contribute our own expertise in tax law in this area.

We support and advise our clients in the area of foundations solutions and in the area of business succession, but not just with regard to legal issues. We also support internal communication within the families and coordinate the chosen structure with the necessary sensitivity.

We have extensive experience in these areas and have especially worked on establishing many of the largest family foundations in Germany. We have serviced some of these foundations for decades. As a result, we not only have unique know-how, we also have excellent contact with many agencies that have supervisory authority over foundations in various German states.

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