Loss of reputation, fines and claims for damages – compliance failures present a significant cost and reputational risk. In addition, companies run the risk of losing government benefits or being placed under monitorship. Responsible managers may even be held personally liable.

In order to prevent possible breaches of the law and to minimize liability risks, we support national and international companies and professionals in developing and implementing tailor-made compliance management systems. As a full-service law firm, we combine the specialist knowledge of lawyers from all relevant areas of law (e.g., antitrust, corporate, employment and data protection law and the special field of medical law). Our range of advisory services includes

  • the design and implementation of compliance management systems, including the drafting of compliance guidelines and work instructions,
  • the development and adaptation of existing compliance management systems to current requirements,
  • the design and implementation of employee training on all relevant compliance issues, and
  • ongoing coordination with our clients’ compliance officers.

We also advise and assist in the design and implementation of a contract management system to ensure compliance with contractual obligations.

In the event of a suspected breach of the law or compliance rules, we assist our clients by conducting an internal investigation – discreetly and efficiently. This includes, for example,

  • preparing, coordinating, and conducting internal investigations;
  • preparing and conducting employee interviews;
  • developing amnesty programs;
  • communicating with employee representatives and stakeholders; or
  • communicating internally and externally in response to a suspected or discovered violation.

Furthermore, we protect our clients’ interests in the often parallel regulatory or criminal proceedings and defend our clients against claims for damages. In the event of breaches of their duties by board members and/or employees, we provide comprehensive advice on the implementation of sanctions under employment law and the assertion of claims for damages, as well as on the liability of D&O insurers.

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